Manfred Heckl Memorial Session

Date: Monday, August 22 | Planten un Bloomen
Chairs: Joachim Scheuren, Werner Scholl, Wolfgang Kropp

Please find here the summarizing paper by Joachim Scheuren for the whole memorial session:

Joachim Scheuren: "Manfred Heckl - a pioneer in engineering acoustics"

20 years after his untimely death in summer 1996, INTER-NOISE 2016 takes the opportunity to remind the many important technical and scientific contributions to noise control engineering made by Professor Manfred Heckl in a special memorial session. This structured session gives an exemplary overview of Manfred Heckl’s work and achievements as well as of their relevance to noise control engineering from then to the present today. In addition to some invited speakers of particular affinity the session will include short presentations and statements to accomplish the recognition of Manfred Heckl’s contributions to engineering acoustics and their long-lasting influence and relevance to practical noise control. Based on particular reminiscences the session will end in an informal get&chat-together.