Travel information

Journey to Hamburg

Hamburg has an international airport that offers direct flights from New York, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Zurich, Barcelona, Rome, Dubai, Istanbul and many other cities predominantly in Europe.

Please find a detailed travel description to Hamburg and to the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) on the right side.


Please note individual visa requirements per country:

Table of countries whose citizens require/do not require visas to enter Germany

You will find an overview of visa requirements here:

Official Invitation

A personalized invitation can be provided upon request.
It must be understood that such an invitation is only to help visitors obtain funds for travel and accommodation or for a visa; it is not a commitment on the part of the Organizers to provide any financial support.

Time Zone

Hamburg is in the Central European time zone (UTC+01:00).

Currency and Credit Cards

The currency is the EURO (€).
Exchange counters are located throughout the airport and at the “Dammtor” train station next to CCH.

Internationally recognized credit cards are accepted at most hotels, shops, and restaurants.


Outlets in Germany are 230 volts AC at 50 Hz. Plug types C and F are used (see: